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Magnetic phase transition in dimer-based metal-organic frameworks through structural modulation

Sunghyun Kim, Gisela Schütz, Kwanghyo Son*, Hyunchul Oh*
Sustainable Materials and Technologies (I.F. 9.6), Volume 38, December 2023, e00783


Comparing the practical hydrogen storage capacity of porous adsorbents: Activated carbon and metal-organic framework

2023`Gas storage & separation
Hyunlim Kim, Soon Hyeong So, Raeesh Muhammad, Hyunchul Oh*
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (I.F. 7.2), In Press, 29 October 2023


A mini-review of the current progress and future challenges of zeolites for hydrogen isotopes separation through a quantum effect

2023`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Soon Hyeong So, Hyunchul Oh*
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (I.F. 7.2), In Press, 4 September 2023

Facile synthesis of ultrahigh-surface-area and hierarchically porous carbon for efficient capture and separation of CO2 and enhanced CH4 and H2 storage applications

2023`Gas storage & separation
Raeesh Muhammad, Jaewoo Park, Hyunlim Kim, Soon Hyeong So, Yoon-Chae Nah, Hyunchul Oh*
Chemical Engineering Journal (I.F. 15.1), Volume 473, 01 OCT. 2023, 145344

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High D2/H2 Selectivity Performance in MOF-303 under Ambient Pressure for Potential Industrial Applications

2023`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Hyunlim Kim, Seohyeon Jee, Jaewoo Park, Minji Jung, Raeesh Muhammad*, Kyungmin Choi*, Hyunchul Oh*
Separation and Purification Technology (I.F. 8.6), Volume 325, 15 NOV. 2023, 124660


Design and fabrication of metal-organic-framework based coatings for high fire safety and UV protection, reinforcement and electrical conductivity properties of textile fabrics

2023`Porous Materials(PM)
Nour F. Attia*, Hyunchul Oh, Sally E.A. El Ashery*
Progress in Organic Coatings (I.F. 6.6), Volume 179, June 2023, 107545

1-s2.0-S0300944023X00034-cov200h 1-s2.0-S0300944023001418-gr2

Porous zeolitic imidazolate frameworks assembled with highly-flattened tetrahedral copper(ii) centres and 2-nitroimidazolates

2023`Porous Materials(PM)
Cheolwon Jung, Sang Beom Choi, Jaewoo Park, Minji Jung, Jonghoon Kim, Hyunchul Oh* and Jaheon Kim*
Chem. Commun. (I.F. 4.9), 2023, 59, 4040-4043

  Graphical abstract: Porous zeolitic imidazolate frameworks assembled with highly-flattened tetrahedral copper(ii) centres and 2-nitroimidazolates

20 K H2 Physisorption on Metal–Organic Frameworks with Enhanced Dormancy Compared to Liquid Hydrogen Storage

2023`Gas storage & separation
Jaewoo Park, Junsu Ha, Raeesh Muhammad, Hong Kyu Lee, Rafael Balderas-Xicohtencatl, Yongqiang Cheng, Anibal J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Barbara Streppel, Michael Hirscher*, Hoi Ri Moon*, and Hyunchul Oh*
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. (I.F. 6.4), 2023, 6, 18, 9057–9064

20 K H2 Physisorption on Metal–Organic Frameworks with Enhanced Dormancy Compared to Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Heterometallic Gd-Dy Formate Frameworks for Enhanced Magnetocaloric Properties

Suhwan Kim+, Raeesh Muhammad+, Kwanghyo Son*, and Hyunchul Oh*
Inorganic Chemistry (I.F. 4.6), 62, 7, 2994–2999 (2023)

20221118 Journal cover20230209_235959

Nanoporous adsorbents for hydrogen storage (Editor's Choice)

2023`Gas storage & separation
Michael Hirscher*, Linda Zhang & Hyunchul Oh
Applied Physics A (I.F. 2.7), 2023, volume 129, 112

Spider silk-derived nanoporous activated carbon fiber for CO2 capture and CH4 and H2 storage

2023`Gas storage & separation
Raeesh Muhammad, Yoon-Chae Nah, Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of CO2 Utilization (I.F. 7.7), 2023, Volume 69, 102401


Design and fabrication of novel flexible sensor based on 2D Ni-MOF nanosheets as a preliminary step toward wearable sensor for onsite Ni (II) ions detection in biological and environmental samples

2022`Porous Materials(PM)
Sally EA Elashery, Nour F Attia*, Hyunchul Oh*
Analytica Chimica Acta (I.F. 6.2), 1197, 339518 (2022)

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Thermodynamic Separation of Hydrogen Isotopes Using Hofmann-Type Metal–Organic Frameworks with High-Density Open Metal Sites

2022`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Junsu Ha, Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Hyunchul Oh*, and Hoi Ri Moon*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (I.F. 9.5), 2022, Vol 14(27), p30946-30951

20220719_111335  untitled

A metal-doped flexible porous carbon cloth for enhanced CO2/CH4 separation

2021`Gas storage & separation
Suhwan Kim, Se Yeon Cho, Kwanghyo Son*, Nour F. Attia , Hyunchul Oh*
Separation and purification technology , 2021, Vol.277, p.119511

Chemical affinity-assisted H2 isotope separation using Ca-rich onion-peel-derived nanoporous carbon composite

2021`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Raeesh Muhammad, Suhwan Kim, Jaewoo Park, Minji Jung, Myoung Eun Lee, Jaewoo Chung*, Haenam Jang*, Hyunchul Oh*
Materials chemistry frontiers , 2021, Vol.5(22), p.8018-8024


Exploiting the Specific Isotope-Selective Adsorption of MOF for Hydrogen Isotope Separation

2021JACS`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Raeesh Muhammad‡, Seohyeon Jee‡, Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, SungGu Kang*, Kyungmin Choi*, Hyunchul Oh*,
Journal of the American Chemical Society. , 2021, Vol.143(22), p.8232-8236

Remarkably fast low-temperature hydrogen storage into aromatic benzyltoluenes over MgO-supported Ru nanoparticles with homolytic and heterolytic H2 adsorption​

2021`Gas storage & separation
Taewan Kim, Minseok Kim, Seokki Kim, Yougnam Choi, Minji Jung, Hyunchul Oh and Young-Woong Suh
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2021, Vol.286, p.119889


Elucidation of diffusivity of hydrogen isotope in flexible MOFs by Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering

2021Adv. Mater.`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Raeesh Muhammad, Grzimek Veronika, Jin Yeong Kim, Margarita Russina, Hoi Ri Moon, and Jitae T. Park*, Hyunchul Oh*
Advanced materials. , 2021, Vol.33(20), p.e2007412

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Hybrids of Pd Nanoparticles and Metal-Organic Frameworks for Enhanced Magnetism

Suhwan Kim, Raeesh Muhammad, Peter Schuetzenduebe, Suresh Babu Kanlidindi, Gisela Schuetz, Hyunchul Oh* , Kwanghyo Son*
The journal of physical chemistry letters. , 2021, Vol.12(19), p.4742-4748

9be5653a5fea0cecf647d12c2ced1ce9 03b2bcebffc7091d646b1d9df210d609

Flexible carbon sieve based on nanoporous carbon cloth for efficient CO2/CH4 separation

2021`Gas storage & separation
Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Seyoen Cho, Sally E.A.Elashery, Nour F. Attia*, Hyunchul Oh*
Surfaces and interfaces. , 2021, Vol.23, p.100960


Efficient synthetic approach for nanoporous adsorbents capable of pre-and post-combustion CO2 capture and selective gas separation

2021`Gas storage & separation
Jaewoo Park, Seyoen Cho, Minji Jung, Kiyoung Lee, Yoon-chae Nah, Nour F. Attia*, Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of CO₂ utilization. , 2021, Vol.45, p.101404


Boosted photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by tunning inner pore size and co-catalyst thickness of the anodic TiO2 nanotubes

2021`Gas storage & separation
Hyeonkwon Lee, Vijay S. Kumbhar, Jaewon Lee, Hyunchul Oh* and Kiyoung Lee*
Catalysis today , 2021, Vol.359, p.3-8


Effective synthesis route of renewable nanoporous carbon adsorbent for high energy gas storage and CO2/N2 selectivity

2020`Gas storage & separation
Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Kiyoung Lee*; Nour F. Attia*, Hyunchul Oh*
Renewable energy , 2020, Vol.161, p.30-42

Facile Synthesis of Hybrid Porous Composites and Its Porous Carbon for Enhanced H2 and CH4 Storage

2020`Gas storage & separation
Nour F. Attia, Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Se Yeon Cho, and Hyunchul Oh
International journal of hydrogen energy , 2020, Vol.45(57), p.32797-32807


Electrochromic and pseudocapacitive behavior of hydrothermally grown WO3 nanostructures

2020`Gas storage & separation
Vijay S. Kumbhar, Jaewon Lee, Yongseon Choi, Hyeonkwon Lee, Marukawa Ryuichi, Masaharu Nakayama, Wonjoo Lee*, Hyunchul Oh* and Kiyoung Lee
Thin solid films , 2020, Vol.709, p.138214


Biobased Derived Nanoporous Carbon for Hydrogen Isotope Separation

2020`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Jaewoo Park†, Nour F. Attia†, Minji Jung, Kiyoung Lee*, and Hyunchul Oh*
Microporous and mesoporous materials. , 2020, Vol.304, p.109291


Specific Isotope-Responsive Breathing Transition in Flexible Metal-Organic Frameworks,

2020JACS`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Jin Yeong Kim‡, Jaewoo Park‡, Junsu Ha, Minji Jung, Dirk Wallacher, Alexandra Franz, Rafael Balderas-Xicohténcatl, Michael Hirscher, Sung Gu Kang, Jitae Park, In Hwan Oh*, Hoi Ri Moon*, and Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of the American Chemical Society. , 2020, Vol.142(31), p.13278-13282


Exploitation of surface heterogeneity and textural properties in nanoporous carbon fabrics for efficient iodine capture

2020`Gas storage & separation
Raeesh Muhammad, Nour F. Attia, Se Yeon Cho, Jaewoo Park, Minji Jung, Jaewoo Chung* and Hyunchul Oh*
Thin solid films , 2020, Vol.706, p.138049


High capacity methane storage in alkane linked flexible porous aromatic network polymers

2020Nat. Energy`Gas storage & separation
Vepa Rozyyev, Damien Thirion, Ruh Ullah, Joosung Lee, Minji Jung, Hyunchul Oh, Mert Atilhan*, Cafer T. Yavuz*
Nature energy. , 2019, Vol.4(7), p.604


Metal-organic frameworks as tunable linear magnets

Kwanghyo Son, Rae Kyung Kim, Suhwan Kim, Gisela Schuetz, Kyung Min Choi* and Hyunchul O
Physica status solidi. PSS. , 2020, Vol.217(12), p.1901000


Flexible nanoporous activated carbon cloth for achieving high H2, CH4, and CO2 storage capacities and selective CO2/CH4 separation

2020`Gas storage & separation
Nour F. Attia, Minji Jung, Jaewoo Park, Haenam Jang, Kiyoung Lee, Hyunchul Oh*
Chemical engineering journal , 2020, Vol.379, p.122367


Exploiting Dynamic Opening of Apertures in Partially Fluorinated MOF for Enhancing H2 Desorption Temperature and Isotope Separation

2019JACS`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Linda Zhang‡, Seohyeon Jee‡, Jaewoo Park, Minji Jung, Dirk Wallacher, Alexandra Franz, Wonjoo Lee, Minyoung Yoon, Kyungmin Choi*, Michael Hirscher,* and Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of the American Chemical Society. , 2019, Vol.141(50), p.19850-19858


Coordinated molecule-modulated magnetic phase with metamagnetism in metal-organic frameworks

Kwanghyo Son, Jin Yeong Kim, Gisela Schuetz, Sung Gu Kang*, Hoi Ri Moon* and Hyunchul Oh*
Inorganic chemistry. , 2019, Vol.58(14), p.8895-8899


Hydrogen Isotope Separation in Confined Nanospace: Carbons, Zeolites, Metal-Organic Frameworks, and Covalent Organic Frameworks

2019Adv. Mater.`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Jin Yeong Kim, Hyunchul Oh*, and Hoi Ri Moon
Advanced materials. , 2019, Vol.31(20), p.1805293


Facile Tool for Green Synthesis of Graphene Sheets and Their Smart Free-Standing UV Protective Film

2018`Photovoltaic (PV)
Nour F. Attia*, Jaewoo Park, and Hyunchul Oh*
Applied surface science , 2018, Vol.458, p.425-430


Facile synthesis tool of nanoporous carbon for promising H2, CO2, and CH4 sorption capacity and selective gas separation

2018`Gas storage & separation
Jaewoo Park†, Minji Jung†, Haenam Jang, Kiyoung Lee*, Nour F. Attia*, and Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of materials chemistry. , 2018, Vol.6(45), p.23087-23100


Sustainable nanoporous carbon for CO2, CH4, N2, H2 adsorption, and CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 separation

2018`Gas storage & separation
Jaewoo Park†, Nour F. Attia†, Minji Jung, Myoung Eun Lee, Kiyoung Lee*, Jaewoo Chung* and Hyunchul Oh*
Energy , 2018, Vol.158, p.9-16


Selective Hydrogen Isotope Separation via Breathing Transition in MIL-53(Al)

2017JACS`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Jin Yeong Kim, Linda Zhang, Rafael Balderas-Xicohtencatl, Jaewoo Park, Michael Hirscher*, Hoi Ri Moon* and Hyunchul Oh*
Journal of the American Chemical Society. , 2017, Vol.139(49), p.17743-17746


Exploiting Diffusion Barrier and Chemical affinity of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Efficient Hydrogen Isotope Separation

2017JACS`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Jin Yeong Kim, Rafael Balderas-Xicohtencatl, Linda Zhang, Sung Gu Kang, Michael Hirscher*, Hyunchul Oh*, and Hoi Ri Moon*
Journal of the American Chemical Society. , 2017, Vol.139(42), p.15135-15141

6993c605998c3eab43fadb0a874f3e91 (1)

Magnetic Behavior of Single-Chain Magnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks CPO-27-Co

K. Son, E. Goering, M. Hirscher and H. Oh*
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology. , 2017, Vol.17(10), p.7541-7546


Efficient Synthesis for Large-scale Production and Characterization for Hydrogen Storage of Ligand Exchanged MOF-74/174/184-M (M = Mg2+, Ni2+)

2017`Gas storage & separation
H. Oh*, Stefan Maurer, Rafael Balderas-Xicohtencatl, Lena Arnold, Oxana V. Magdysyuk, Gisela Schütz, Ulrich Müller and M. Hirscher*
International journal of hydrogen energy , 2017, Vol.42(2), p.1027-1035

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Quantum Sieving for Separation of Hydrogen Isotopes Using MOFs

2016`Quantum Sieving(QS)
H. Oh*, M. Hirscher*
European journal of inorganic chemistry , 2016, Vol.4278(27), p.4278-4289


Nitrogen-rich covalent triazine frameworks as high-performance platforms for selective carbon capture and storage

2015`Gas storage & separation
S. Hug, L. Stegbauer, H. Oh, M. Hirscher, B. V. Lotsch
Chemistry of materials. , 2015, Vol.27, p.8001


Hydrogen isotope separation in metal-organic frameworks: kinetic or chemical affinity quantum-sieving

2015`Quantum Sieving(QS)
I. Savchenko, A. Mavrandonakis, H. Oh, J. Teufel, M. Hirscher, T. Heine
Microporous and mesoporous materials. , 2015, Vol.216, p.133-137

Isosteric heat of hydrogen adsorption on MOFs: comparison between adsorption calorimetry, sorption isosteric method, and analytical models

2015`Gas storage & separation
A. F. Kloutse, R. Zacharia, D. Cossement, R. Chahine, R. Balderas-Xicohtencatl, H. Oh, B. Streppel, M. Schlichtenmayer, M. Hirscher
Applied physics. , 2015, Vol.121(4), p.1417-1424

"Job-Sharing” Storage of Hydrogen in Ru/Li 2 O Nanocomposites

2015Nano Lett.`Gas storage & separation
L. Fu, K. Tang, H. Oh, K. Manickam, T. Bräuniger, C. V. Chandran, A. Menzel, M. Hirscher, D. Samuelis, J. Maier
Nano letters. , 2015, Vol.15, p.4170

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Interplay of linker functionalization and hydrogen adsorption in the metal-organic framework MIL-101

2014`Quantum Sieving(QS)
P. Á. Szilágyi, I. Weinrauch, H. Oh, J. Juan-Alcañiz, P. Serra-Crespo, A. Grzech, M. de Respinis, B. J. Trze?niewski, F. Kapteijn, R. van de Krol, H. Geerlings, J. Gascon, M. Hirscher and B. Dam
Journal of physical chemistry. , 2014, Vol.118(34), p.19572-19579

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A Fluorene based Covalent Triazine Framework with high CO2 and H2 Capture and Storage Capacities

2014`Gas storage & separation
S. Hug, M. B. Mesch, H. Oh, N. Popp, M. Hirscher, J. Senker and B. V. Lotsch
Journal of materials chemistry. , 2014, Vol.2(16), p.5928-5936


Highly effective hydrogen isotope separation in nanoporous MOFs with open metal sites - direct measurement and theoretical analysis

2014ACS Nano`Quantum Sieving(QS)
H. Oh, I. Savchenko, A. Mavrandonakis, T. Heine, M. Hirscher
ACS nano. , 2014, Vol.8(1), p.761-770


A Cryogenically Flexible Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient Hydrogen Isotope Separation by Quantum Sieving

2013Angew. chem. int. ed.`Quantum Sieving(QS)
H. Oh, S. B. Kalidindi, Y. Um, S. Bureekaew, R. Schmid, R. A. Fischer and M. Hirscher
Angewandte Chemie : international edition , 2013, Vol.52(50), p.13219-13222


Eine kryoflexible kovalente organische Gerüststruktur für die effiziente Trennung von Wasserstoffisotopen durch Quantensieben

2013`Quantum Sieving(QS)
H. Oh, S. B. Kalidindi, Y. Um, S. Bureekaew, R. Schmid, R. A. Fischer and M. Hirscher
Angewandte Chemie. , 2013, Vol.125(50), p.13461-13464

Experimental assessment of physical upper limit for hydrogen storage capacity in densified MIL-101 monoliths

2013`Gas storage & separation
H. Oh, D. Lupu, G. Blanita and M. Hirscher
RSC advances. , 2014, Vol.4(6), p.2648-2651


Hydrogen adsorption properties of Platinum decorated hierarchically structured template carbons

2013`Gas storage & separation
Hyunchul Oh, Thomas Gennett, Plamen Atanassov, Mert Kurttepeli, Sara Bals, Katherine E. Hurstb, Michael Hirscher
Microporous and mesoporous materials. , 2013, Vol.177, p.66-74


MFU-4 – A Metal Organic Framework for highly effective H2 / D2 separation

2013Adv. Mater.`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Julia Teufel, Hyunchul Oh, Michael Hirscher, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman, Lyuben Zhechkov, Agnieszka Kuc, Thomas Heine, Dmytro Denysenko, Dirk Volkmer
Advanced materials. , 2013, Vol.25(4), p.635-639

Quantum cryo-sieving for hydrogen isotope separation in microporous frameworks: an experimental study on the correlation between effective quantum sieving and pore size

2013`Quantum Sieving(QS)
Hyunchul Oh, Kyo Sung Park, Suresh Babu Kalidindi, Roland A. Fischer and Michael Hirscher
Journal of materials chemistry A. , 2013, Vol.1(10), p.3244

Low-temperature solution-processed metal oxide buffer layers fulfilling large area production requirements

2012`Photovoltaic (PV)
T. Stubhan, I. Litzov, N. Li, H. Q. Wang, J. Krantz, F. Machui, M. Steidl, H. Oh, G. J. Matt and C. J. Brabec
Proc. SPIE 8477, Organic Photovoltaics XIII, 84770J (27 September 2012)

Metal@COFs: covalent organic frameworks as templates for Pd nanoparticles and hydrogen storage properties of Pd@COF-102 hybrid material

2012`Gas storage & separation
H. Oh, S. B. Kalidindi, M. Hirscher, C. Wiktor, G. V. Tendeloo, D. Esken and R. A. Fischer
Chemistry : a European journal. , 2012, Vol.18(35), p.10848-10856


Inverted organic solar cells using a solution processed aluminum doped zinc oxide buffer layer

2011`Photovoltaic (PV)
Tobias Stubhan, Hyunchul Oh, Luigi Pinna, Johannes Krantz, Ivan Litzov, Christoph J. Brabec
Organic electronics. , 2011, Vol.12(9), p.1539-1543


Comparison of Various sol-gel derived metal oxide layers for inverted organic solar cells

2011`Photovoltaic (PV)
Hyunchul Oh, n , Johannes Krantz, Ivan Litzov, Tobias Stubhan, Luigi Pinna, Christoph J. Brabec
Solar energy materials and solar cells , 2011, Vol.95(8), p.2194-2199